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Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday slacking-

That's the only excuse I have for the dearth of posts recently. I certainly can't claim to have been too busy, that's certain!

As for Christmas- as Lawdog says" Make the holiday memorable, not perfect," and I think we can say that's exactly what we had at our house for Christmas. Noah came home from Logan on Monday afternoon and relaxed with us and then went to the candle light Christmas church service we always attend. He even volunteered to go with us and he participated in the service! That was very nice. Upon exiting church at midnight, the most beautiful snow was falling, adding to the magic and pleasure of the evening. We all slept in the next morning, me less than the other 2 and I had coffee made and the 8 inches of snow removed from the driveway before they were moving well.

So package opening came late to our house- no big deal that, and everyone seemed pleased with their gifts. The BSU really likes the dangly, diamond ear rings that I picked out for her, even though she discovered pretty quickly that she can't sleep in them with the post type backs on them. So they have already been returned to Cassars, where they came from for hook type backs that won't poke her as she sleeps. I got a new set of ski pants as my old set had mysteriously shrunk and a new set of warm leather gloves since the fleece ones I was using just weren't warm enough for ski duty.

Kye and Stef arrived later in the afternoon bringing more gifts and in time for a terrific turkey dinner with all the trimmings. They stayed a few hours and we all got to relax and rest and hear the tales of their adventures in Grown-Up Land.

Since then, I've been back to work, though mostly I've been tidying and filing and clearing stuff out. There are so few folks here that getting anything real accomplished has been impossible. I'm even going to bug out early here when I finish this post as there's just no reason to be here.

I'll be ticket checking again tomorrow at Powder Mountain, and every Saturday until spring, due to the management changes there and then I have another long weekend to enjoy before hitting the work again hard next week. We've accepted a New Years invitation over to Carol and Dave's place, which should be a fun change of pace since we typically stay close to home on New Years. But they have promised food and fun with their new Wii so I guess we'll head up there for some fun.

More later, I think, from the ranch, since everybody seems to be bugging out pretty quickly around here!

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